Our History

Historic workshop of Milan:

Paride Parrucche is a historical workshop of Milan:
with this recognition the city intends to protect and defend those commercial and craft activities with strong roots in the city in order to confer value of cultural heritage for the territory.

In Nineteenth century, in France and afterwards throughout Europe – including Italy – a special craft handed down from one generation to another, thriving successfully: expert hands shaped long and thin as silk hair to make beautiful the heads of aristocrats…

Today this timeless art still exists, right in the heart of Milan.
To enter the laboratory of Paride Parrucche is like to step back in time: thistles, crochet hooks, thimbles, hangnails from sheep intestines (thin and very resistant to protect the most delicate details), and the whole tradition of workmanship that has been going on for centuries.

A skilled and experienced team will welcome you in order to satisfy any need you may have: whether it is to solve a hair loss due to therapy or natural causes, or if it is just a matter of having a new look for an important gala dinner.

People do not know that to realize a wig it takes from a minimum of five until eight or even sometimes fifteen days: the first step is to choose the fabric to realize the skullcap: usually it is made of silk, cotton or tulle, then comes the knotting of the hair with a particular crochet and finally the haircut.

By visiting the laboratory and showroom of via San Prospero, in the Cordusio area, you will meet the experienced and helpful team of professionals, who will advise you with the best solution to meet your requirements.

The hair we use are only of Italian origin, which are hard to find anywhere else.


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